4 Hot Tech Stocks

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It's no secret the tech industry is constantly evolving and generating revenue.

While the NASDAQ is only up a modest 4.3% for 2014, it's up by nearly 35% compared to a year ago. Sure, not every investment is worth throwing your hard-earned cash at, but there are many that are worth a look. With that said, here are six investments you should keep an eye on or invest in before it's too late.

Yelp (YELP)

YELP, a website where consumers can share feedback on their experiences at places like restaurants and even churches, has more than 33 million reviews written on it (a 45 % increase from 2011). The company expects to see a 52% growth over Q1 of 2013.

Analysts at Trefis state a large portion of the company's growth is a result of increasing its focus on local advertising, and leveraging the impact of inbound marketing. This growth is expected to increase in the next few years to include various international markets.

The forecast for the next 12 months indicates a median target of $88, with an estimated high of $110 and a low estimate of $62.00. Shares closes on Thursday at $97.80, having gained 42% in 2014.

KEYW Holding (KEYW)

When it comes to national defense, the government, and you, cybersecurity is one of the biggest risks and worries. Of the many companies addressing the issue, KEYW Holding has experienced significant growth. Leonard Moodispaw, Founder and CEO, states saleswill double by 2015 to reach $500 million (in comparison to 2012), and he may just be right. The company has demonstrated a 49.99% increase for 2014 to date.

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