New PowerConnect(TM) Generator Sets From Cummins Power Generation Make Backup Power Easy For Residential And Light Commercial Applications (Photo: Business Wire).

It seems as if Old Man Winter has the entire country in its icy grip this year with no letup in sight. Wave after wave of ice storms, blizzards and freezing cold have battered the East Coast from Washington, D.C., to New England, creating a record year of power outages, stranded commuters, closed businesses and overall gridlock in places that typically don’t experience this kind of severe winter weather. As a result, being without power in dangerously low temps and with impassable roads for any amount of time can be dangerous and costly, especially to a small-business owner.
New PowerConnect(TM) generator sets from Cummins Power Generation make backup power easy for residen ...

New PowerConnect(TM) generator sets from Cummins Power Generation make backup power easy for residential and light commercial applications (Photo: Business Wire).

According to the Economic Benefits of Increasing Electric Grid Resilience to Weather Outages report from the Office of the President 2013, “Severe weather is the leading cause of power outages in the United States. Between 2003 and 2012, an estimated 679 widespread power outages occurred due to severe weather. Power outages cost the economy billions of dollars.”

“Our region is enduring winter weather and power outages and closures unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. In extended power outages businesses face potential financial losses and safety concerns,” said Vivek S. Malapati, Segment Leader- Residential and Light Commercial for Cummins Power Generation, “Being prepared is the key to solving power supply issues during severe weather. A proactive business owner who wants the peace of mind and assured business continuity that comes with a reliable source of electricity should consider installing a permanent standby generator.”

Why install a permanent standby power system?

First and foremost, a permanently installed system is automatic. Once the utility power goes out a backup system is already in place and begins working within 10 seconds. No waiting in lines for equipment, fuel and other potentially limited resources, or worrying about loss of inventory due to refrigeration issues.

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