Within 10 Years, Apple and Google Will Have Put Microsoft Out of Business

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- There was nothing quite like watching BlackBerry (BBRY) loyalists defend the artist formerly known as RIM as Apple (AAPL) was in the late stages of decimating it.

In fact, the writing on the wall in Waterloo (a town Jim Balsillie failed not once, but twice) was in indelible ink for quite some time. But the diehards argued BlackBerry's apparent security advantage would see RIM through. That nobody serious about mobile computing would risk using an iPhone.

Now we're told Microsoft's installed base, across its enterprise (and even consumer) products and services, is so massive and deeply entrenched it'll save the company from going the way, in some fashion, of BlackBerry.

Hashtag: Sigh.

While attempts by TheStreet's Anton Wahlman to position Google's (GOOG) Chromebook and Chrome OS as "better than" Windows and Mac continue to amuse me, he did make a salient point in his most recent installment:

You can give a Chromebook to grandma or your 3-year-old and you won't have to be on tech support standby. Give them the computer and you never hear from them again. No needing to spend Thanksgiving troubleshooting Cousin Griswold's laptop anymore.

So there's that part of the market. But I reckon Google (and Apple) can just as effectively go after a more demanding and tech-savvy segment with improving suites of software and services, debilitating Microsoft in the process.

Consider my line of thinking ... and, remember, we're talking about writing and walls here, not the it'll happen tomorrow here and now.

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