Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Bezos, 50, is seemingly hell-bent on dominating every facet of the consumer experience, as well as every area of retail. He's doing so, and profiting very handsomely, with an estimated net worth of $32 billion and coming in right behind Page at No. 18 on Forbes' overall list of the world's billionaires. 

Amazon, which started as a bookseller, now sells everything you could possibly want on its Web site, from clothes to books to electronics to fine wines, art, and digital content.

The Seattle-based Amazon earned a profit of 51 cents a share on $25.59 billion in revenue during the fourth quarter. That missed the expectations of analysts, who were expecting the company to earn 66 cents share on $26.06 billion. 

Ever the showman, Bezos recently went on 60 Minutes to talk about the company's new drone initiative, which Bezos hopes will one-day deliver the goods Amazon sells to customers, potentially cutting out its shipping partners, including UPS (UPS) and FedEX (FDX).

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