Tired of Hearing About Gay Future NFL Star Michael Sam?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I'm tired of being nice. I'm tired of beating around the bush. And I'm tired of giving the benefit of the doubt to bigots and homophobes who shamefully hide behind free speech and the safety our society has attached to certain memes to float their hateful positions and discriminatory thoughts.

If you really don't care that Michael Sam, the football player, is gay and, (this is the important part), you want name calling, bullying, beatings and murders against LGBT people to stop then you want to hear more, not less, about the fact that Michael Sam is, indeed, a gay man about to enter the National Football League (NFL) Draft.

That would be the natural reaction. To raise awareness. For goodness sake, the Tea Party of America has turned raising awareness, making noise and saturating the media with the things they care about into an art. You don't hear Tea Party supporters saying we want to hear less about the Tea Party.

Of course not.

However, you hear cats like me who think toxic morons, by and large, comprise the Tea Party argue, in one way or the other, that we're tired of hearing about the Tea Party. That's because cats like me don't like the Tea Party. We just want them to go away. They make us uncomfortable. We think if their vision for the world became commonplace society would suffer.

But here's the deal -- I can't speak for Michael Sam, but I get the impression he doesn't want to push the way he lives his life on you. He doesn't want you to have gay sex or do any of the other things he might do as a gay man. It's not about that. He's not pushing a political agenda on anybody. I think he simply wants to help create a safer space for gays in sports and elsewhere in our culture.

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