From Brands To Blockbusters: 17 Winners and Busts

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I had a hunch Hollywood had run out of original ideas when they dragged Indiana Jones out of his well-earned retirement. My suspicions were confirmed when they began to stuff cavalcades of actors into a single movie like it was a clown car ( a la Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, The Expendables).

But as it turns out, this isn't a new development. Tinseltown has been out of ideas for decades, mining inspiration from sources it already knows you've spent money on. If there's a slight chance audiences will throw some cash at it, you better believe they've made a movie of it.

It's a lucrative deal when brands are used as a basis for blockbusters and an audience is eager to spend $15 for a two-hour advertisement.

And while some have earned their keep, others bombed. Here are TheStreet's top picks for when brands turn blockbuster...

Note: All box office figures are sourced from

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