A la Carte Cable TV Could Cost Consumers More

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- This week I have published two articles at TheStreet detailing where I think the cable industry will head after the Time Warner Cable (TWC)/Comcast (CMCSA) merger.

In Cable TV Will Soon Resemble A Sushi Menu and When Will Cable TV Go a la Carte?, I argue that, in some fashion, consumers will be able to purchase a basic bundle from TWC/CMCSA and proceed to complement/supplement it with individual options.

It should come as no surprise that readers have responded with a resounding Marv Albert-style "YESSSS!" to my speculation.

There's probably nothing more popular than the notion of a la carte pricing from cable (or satellite). In fact, there's so much consensus that a la carte is righteous and cable companies are evil for not providing it that you really can't be against it. Being against a la carte pricing is akin to being for cancer or child abuse.

What kind of sick bastard doesn't enthusiastically subscribe to the intuition that I'm a) being ripped off because ...

... everybody now ... and with feeling ...

I'm paying for a bunch of channels I don't even watch and b) I should be able to pick and choose only the stations I actually want to watch!?

Those lines have been repeated so many times -- often with unbridled passion -- that we have come to accept them as undisputed fact. However, as I indicated on my Twitter feed Wednesday, I'm not so sure:

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