What Can Pandora Do For McDonald's?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Thanks to TheStreet reader David Scalzo who passed on the inspiration for this article in an email with the subject line: Pandora (P) needs to pay attention.

His words, not mine though I do agree with the sentiment.

I've badgered Pandora hard over the past couple weeks. In my view, I have no choice but to put heat on the company. I've been bullish for roughly 375% worth of upside. It would be irresponsible to keep questions regarding the potential of the company's business to myself.

I love the guys over there. And, for the most part, (I think) they still love me.

That said, I have made it clear that, until I have better sight lines on where Pandora expects to head with respect to data and, to a lesser extent, the live concert space, I have no choice but to maintain my critical stance. If I return to bullishness, rest assured I'm doing so on solid information.

If you've read my work on Pandora over the long haul, you might recall a period of criticism vis-a-vis the frequency of advertiser-backed Pandora Presents shows followed by a renewed call for calm.

About five months elapsed between criticism and calm there.

That could very well be the case with my reservations over how Pandora approaches what should be its burgeoning data business. But I just don't feel comfortable going on faith. Until I receive information that prompts me to change my stance, I'll continue working the angle both in articles and behind the scenes.

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