Pro Golfer Steve Elkington Deletes Homophobic Tweet, Confuses Orientals and Asians

UPDATED from 2:07 PM EST with something like clarification from Steve Elkington and additional information as Elkington deletes original Tweet(s) (which is why they no longer show up properly in this story). 

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When will people learn?

First, you're not that funny. Second, gay jokes are old. Third, the gay joke you made wasn't even a good one. And, fourth, when you say stupid stuff on Twitter (TWTR), people notice, it takes off and you end up another in a long line of apologizing fools. And if you refuse to apologize, you render yourself into the long line of ignorant fools who double as blissful buffoons.  

But a scan of Steve Elkington's Twitter account reveals that, yeah, this isn't a one-off. Pardon my French, but he's, without doubt, a bit of a dumb ass.

The power of Twitter, baby. Buy, Buy, Buy!

And an update from "Elk" via Twitter:

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