Informatica Application Retirement Solution For Healthcare Accelerates Savings For Providers

Redwood City, Calif., Feb. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world's number oneindependent provider of dataintegration software, today announced an application retirementsolution for the healthcare industry, which accelerates costsavings for providers undertaking application modernizationinitiatives.

The company also announced a joint market offering with HitachiData Systems (HDS) with the integration of Hitachi Content Platformand the Informatica Data Archive, which enables enterprises toexperience the true value of two distinct solutions: applicationretirement and live archive.

Informatica and HDS will showcase these healthcare applicationretirement solutions at the HIMSS 14 Annual Conference &Exhibition, Feb. 23-27, at the Orange County Convention Centerin Orlando, Fla. Visit Informatica at Booth #6645 and Hitachi DataSystems at Booth #1511 to learn more about becoming a transformedhealthcare organization.

Informatica Application Retirement Solution forHealthcare

With Informatica's Application Retirement Solution forHealthcare, which is an extension to the existing ApplicationRetirement Solution built on the Informatica Data Archive platform- healthcare organizations can retire the legacy systems they arereplacing, keep the data necessary to meet data retentionregulations, and consolidate IT infrastructure.

The result is significant cost savings, improved IT operationefficiencies and the ability to reinvest those savings intomodernization initiatives. Organizations can save tens of millionsof dollars by shutting down costly legacy mainframe and proprietaryapplications and consolidating on lower-cost, open accessiblearchive stores that meet compliance requirements.

As stated by Garth Landers and Alan Dayley, both ResearchDirectors at Gartner, Inc., in their research note titled "Build aLeaner Data Center Through Application Retirement," (Oct. 24, 2013,G00255877), "Enterprises endure high costs managing legacyapplications just to preserve data assets. We recommend a plannedapproach to application retirement that manages data based onaccess and governance requirements."

Amit Walia, senior vice president and general manager, ILMBusiness Unit, Informatica, said, "The healthcare industry isexperiencing significant transformation to the digital patient careera. Modernization and application consolidation initiatives aredelivering improved patient outcomes and higher quality of life. Tocontinue investing in these innovative technologies, healthcareorganizations must be able to free themselves from the cost oflegacy applications, while ensuring compliance to data retentionregulations."

Informatica and Hitachi Data Systems Joint HealthcareApplication Retirement Solution

Informatica's joint offering with Hitachi Data Systems, built onthe Hitachi Content Platform,  provides a single archiveplatform for all data (including mainframe and distributedplatforms), integrated retention management with prepackagedhealthcare reports, and the ability to search and view unstructuredand structured healthcare data from a single portal.

Dave Wilson, senior director, Health and Life Sciences, HitachiData Systems, said, "Hospitals seeking a way to reduce the costsassociated with maintaining legacy systems also need a way tomitigate the risk of leaving an application behind. Workingtogether with Informatica, we can address these challenges head-onwith an offering that will eliminate infrastructure and licensingcosts for applications that are no longer in use, while assuringfull data accessibility. It is a win-win opportunity for healthorganizations moving down this path."

Using the joint offering from Informatica and Hitachi DataSystems, CIOs and VPs of IT can eliminate significant costs andwasted spend on aging legacy systems and reinvest those funds intoinnovative technology to improve patient outcomes.

Patients will benefit because they will be able to maintainaccess to their medical information, and the healthcare industry,at large, will benefit because the offering from Informatica andHitachi Data Systems will support and promote responsible ITspending best practices.

The Informatica and Hitachi Data Systems joint ApplicationRetirement offering is available now for implementation. To view aSolution Profile, "Hitachi Content Platform and Informatica DataArchive," click here.  

To access the Informatica "Healthcare Application Retirement"Solution Brief, click here.

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