Imerjn Acquires Get TVG

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xumanii (DBA Imerjn) (OTCQB:XUII), announced that it has acquired Get TVG ( ), a service that allows anyone to create their own online television channel.

The service allows people to establish their own conventional television channel online. Users can upload their video to a site they control and sequence the video to play in any order over any time period and thereby allowing the end audience to "tune in" to watch in the same way they do with regular television.

There are two critical advantages to being able to run a channel a site controlled by the channel owner as opposed to using YouTube.

Firstly, the channel owner will have total control over what the audience sees so they will not be distracted by YouTube ads in the video, YouTube ads next to the video, other random videos, YouTube's recommended video at the conclusion of a video, etc.

Secondly, the channel owner can use the space around the viewing area to do anything they choose such as generate their own advertising revenue or selling products and services that relate to the content of the video running on the channel.

The company believes that this solution will appeal to almost all people that have a public following of any significance such as bands, actors, authors, television personalities, reality TV stars. The solution will also appeal to businesses that want to raise their profile such as bars, restaurants, professional firms, etc.

Imerjn CEO, Adam Radly, said, "This service will appeal to any individual, business or entertainer that has a following and has video content." Mr. Radly also commented on the state of the online and traditional television industries saying, "Traditional television is about to be subjected to the same acid bath that washed over the newspaper and magazine industries ten years ago. Instead of selecting television channels from broadcast and cable TV, people will select channels from all available channels including online channels. This means that traditional television channels will have to compete with an infinite number of online competitors that offer far more targeted and fragmented content. The inevitable result will be the same as we saw in the newspaper industry. The market share of the traditional players will inevitably fall significantly. Mr. Radly also said, "The first thing we will do is update the website and its features then start promoting it to people that want to setup their own channel."