Aegion Corporation Executives To Attend Investor Conferences

Aegion Corporation’s (Nasdaq Global Select Market: AEGN) President and Chief Executive Officer, J. Joseph Burgess, and Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, David A. Martin, will attend upcoming investor conferences.

Joe Burgess and David Martin will meet with investors at the Stifel Industrials Conference 2014 on February 27, 2014 in New York, New York.

Joe Burgess will also meet with investors in Boston at the Credit Suisse Under Followed Opportunities (UFO) Conference on March 12, 2014.

For more information, please visit Aegion’s investor site at

About Aegion Corporation

Aegion Corporation is a global leader in infrastructure protection and maintenance, providing proprietary technologies and services to (i) protect against the corrosion of industrial pipelines; (ii) rehabilitate and strengthen water, wastewater, energy and mining piping systems and buildings, bridges, tunnels and waterfront structures; and (iii) utilize integrated professional services in engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and turnaround services to a broad range of energy related industries. More information about Aegion can be found on our internet site at .

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