Buy Apple Because It Does Not Participate in Silicon Valley's Insanity

NEW YORK (TheStreet) --

Or not. "@ppearlman: people will look back and note how $AAPL was not nearly aggresive enough relative to $FB & $GOOG.

Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon) Feb. 19 at 04:42 PM

Or not. Sing it, sister.

Before we get into why Apple (AAPL) will not regret not following in Facebook's (FB) or Google's (GOOG) footsteps, let's just lay it on the line like it is.

The 16 or 19 or whatever billion dollar deal where Facebook bought WhatsApp only exposes what amounts to a shell game in Silicon Valley.

I'll "invest" in this "company" and then this other "company" will go public and then this company over here will buy that company while this other company buys this company and then we'll "invest" in this awesome new company that Jiz Rock started because we really need in on this deal because, of course, somewhere down the line somebody will buy his company or he'll take it public ...

And we'll all make out like pigs moving money around in these hollow financial transactions while the jock sniffers on Twitter (TWTR) and in the media take what we do so seriously they legitimize it.

Great gig if you can get it. And you wonder why these albeit misguided souls in San Francisco have resorted to smashing shuttle bus windows.

Apple has no reason to participate in this game. And I'm not sure why anybody of sound and sane mind and body would imply that it should.

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