Here's Where Google Fiber Is Coming Next

Updated from 1:30 p.m. to include cost in the second paragraph plus comments about Google Fiber from CEO Larry Page in the fourth paragraph.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Those who lived in the areas where Google (GOOG) Fiber were seen as lucky, getting download speeds nearly 100 times faster than what most of us have today. Now, a lot more of the U.S. population is about to get lucky as well.

First spotted in a tweet from Washington Post tech journalist, Cecilia Kang, Google is expanding its nascent high-speed Internet business to an additional 34 cities. Currently, Google Fiber is available in Austin, TX, Kansas City, MO and Provo, UT. Right now, Google Fiber in Kansas City costs $70 a month for gigabit Internet, and $120 for gigabit Internet and television. You can also get free 5 Mbps/second Internet from Google, but there's a one-time $300 construction fee. The construction fee is waived for the gigabit Internet and television plans. The pricing for the plans in Provo is the same, except all packages have a $30 construction fee.

Google made the announcement on its blog.

On Google's third-quarter earnings call, CEO Larry Page noted that it was still early on Google Fiber, but that there exceptional excitement about the product. "So one big change in having a high-speed data connection is actually the entire kind of television experience, cable TV like experience comes straight through your data connection, through your gigabit connection," Page said on the call. "And people I think have been pretty excited about that experience being a great experience for watching television actually."

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