VapeXhale Puffs Up Marijuana Vaporization

NEW YORK (MainStreet) Already a $100 million industry, vaporization has exploded over the last year in response to chill attitudes toward marijuana legalization. Seibo Shen, CEO and founder of vaporization technology company VapeXhale, seeks to play off the trend toward healthy consumption of cannabis. But will VapeXhale be a "one-hit" wonder or continue to get the pot buzz as it grows in momentum? Shen sees his company's offering as integral to the mass spread of cannabis for medical and recreational use.

The company leads with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, a plug-in machine that uses heat to extract active ingredients from cannabis herbs by changing them from a liquid into a a gaseous state. Think of it as a more sophisticated bong.

"We've created a vaporizer that uses an all-glass air path," he said. "We chose that material not because it was easy or cheap to work with, but because it provided an inert and safe material."

From there, Shen introduced hydra tubes, which allow the consumer to customize a vaporization experience by using different percolators and diffusers in the mouth piece. It's almost a Starbucks choose-your-own flavor adventure where users can control for the release of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), among other elements.

That's the customization process Shen thinks will be essential as marijuana consumption grows.

"We found that many patients, especially the ones in California that have a wide variety of strains to choose from not only can they choose their therapeutic effect, but many of the strains have different flavors and aromas," he said. "Some are more earthy, some are fruity some are sweet tasting. And with this all-glass air path, it allows the full flavors to shine through and also the health aspect of the glass if very important."

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