Apple Would Be Nuts to Buy Tesla, However ...

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- For some reason, this Apple (AAPL) news continues to fly under the radar:

Maybe it's not news. But it should be.

I'm not all fired up about Apple turning us into a bunch of hypochondriacs with a wearable device that'll do stuff like tell you when you're about to have a heart attack. Frankly, I think it's a big mistake to play into the hands of a health anxious society that Googles every little ache and pain.

But I digress and offer an area where I reckon Apple still has plenty of room to innovate. In the auto. On the dashboard.

And that doesn't mean I think Apple should buy Tesla Motors (TSLA). The moment Apple starts buying other companies because they're cool is the day I lose all faith in Timothy D. Cook's ability to lead in Steve Jobs's wake.

Certainly, Tesla owners have an affinity for Apple products. And vice versa. There's no question Elon Musk could be well on his way to saturating our fleet with electric vehicles the way Toyota (TM) did with the Prius hybrid. But that's not a risk Apple should be taking on. It's so far out of the company's wheelhouse that it's ...

... it's ...

... it's ...

Something custom made for CNBC and the rest of the financial media (and even CNN) to harp on incessantly. Even though these apparent "talks" between Apple and Tesla happened, in tech time, ages ago.

Plus, remember, Everybody Talks. There's more than pesky semantic differences between "talking" and being "in talks" as I explain at the link in the last sentence with respect to old Apple/HBO rumors.

Plus, Apple operates in an environment where the same ding dongs who push the Tesla M&A talk like heroin scrutinize its margins.

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