Haters Have Reason to Trash Pandora

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- On the back of its core business model, Pandora (P) stock could continue to climb. Because there are no two ways about it, a winning narrative underlies the Pandora story. For the most part, this has not changed.

That said, I can't, in good conscience, refrain from urging caution with respect to Pandora's lack of action regarding data. Neglecting this part of the story now would be akin to me having gone with the crowd when Pandora wallowed in the single digits. It never pays -- financially or intellectually -- to go with the crowd, particularly on Wall Street, because, more often than not, analysts operate with rearview mirror genius.

So, on to updating my initial (above-linked) treatment of the matter with the latest ...

It's nothing short of a sin that the head of Twitter (TWTR) Music, Bob Moczydlowsky, talks his book on big data as it relates to the music industry to Billboard while Pandora remains, for all intents and purposes, absent from the conversation:

We're developing a data set specific to music ... There's a ton of new information and conversations about music that we have never let out of the building before. Some of that data have to do with timing or geography ... It has the potential to help the (music) industry figure out how to best invest in artists or how to direct their marketing campaigns.

Whereas Twitter Music appears to have failed thus far, the larger Twitter platform contains, as Moczydlowsky put it, "a fire hose of data" that can show the industry tech companies can not only be their friends, but the key to driving an era of unprecedented prosperity in the "record" business.

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