7 Bizarre Romantic Theme Hotels for Valentine's Day

NEW YORK (MainStreet) Here's a fun fact. Out in Japan they have these places called Love Hotels. They rent rooms for the sole purpose and duration of a quick fling with that special (or available) someone. While the Japanese certainly don't have the monopoly on hourly accommodation, for a long time they did have the market cornered on tackiness. A Japanese love hotel looks like something that exploded out of a Joel Schumacher movie.

No more. Today you can find mind bending decorations right here in the United States, with hotels that offer wild themes to couples looking for a getaway. Want to spend the night inside a giant mushroom? Check. A one-room castle with working drawbridge? We can do that. Ever wanted to bathe in a 15-foot-tall champagne glass? Step right this way.

So, in honor of the holiday and the hard work put in by hoteliers who have clearly found their calling, we present seven of the most bizarre romantic theme hotels for this Valentine's Day.

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