SAN DIEGO, Feb. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CannaVest Corp. (OTC: CANV), the world's leading hemp-based investment company spearheading the development of cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oils and other cannabis industry-related products and services, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, PhytoSphere Systems, LLC, were recently featured by NBC 7 News in San Diego. The story by Candice Nguyen explains the rigorous quality control processes that PhytoSphere Systems adheres to when producing the world's most concentrated, highest quality industrial hemp CBD oil. As pointed out in the feature, this CBD-rich hemp oil does not cause a "high" effect and gives consumers all the benefits of the cannabis plant, making it a legal product throughout the United States. Featured on the NBC 7 News report was Stacy Lynch, mother of 22-year-old Blake Zika, who has been suffering from a seizure-related disorder since the age of four. The results they share on the news report are of Blake's experience with Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ ( RSHO™).

"Each production run of industrial hemp-based CBD oil is tested not only for the cannabinoid levels; it's tested for pesticides, pathogens--anything that could be really harmful to the consumer," explains Dr. Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D, Senior Scientist & Head of R&D/Pilot Production of PhytoSphere Systems, LLC and CannaVest Corp. "In addition, our CBD-rich hemp oil is tested up to five times and at least once at a third-party lab. We produce natural, non-GMO CBD from industrial hemp on a large scale. No other company is able to do this." 

PhytoSphere Systems, LLC is internationally recognized for producing the world's first and most concentrated form of CBD from hemp. Most recently, the Company took top honors at the 2014 Los Angeles High Times Medical Cannabis Cup award for the Highest CBD Concentrate with a pharmaceutical-grade CBD-rich hemp oil prototype, CBD Simple™. CBD Simple™ is not available for public purchase and is intended for future product development.

The 2014 Los Angeles High Times Medical Cannabis Cup was the fourth award competition won by the company for producing the highest concentration of CBD from hemp. CBD Simple™ also won the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup competition in Amsterdam, the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup, and the 2013 Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference "Green Cup" contest – all for Highest CBD Concentrate.

In addition to CBD Simple™, the company is responsible for developing CBD-rich hemp oil products including Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO)™, the highest quality, all-natural, super concentrated CBD nutritional supplement on the market today; Cibdex™, an everyday CBD-rich hemp oil supplement available in 100mg and 500mg tinctures and 25mg vegan capsules; and Cibaderm™, a CBD-rich hemp oil infused personal care line that includes first-of-its-kind hair care, body care, lotions and salve.  

About CannaVest Corp.

CannaVest Corp. is in the business of investing in and developing hemp-based businesses.  CannaVest Corp. also develops, produces, markets and sells end-consumer products to the nutraceutical industry containing the hemp plant extract, cannabidiol (CBD). Additionally, the company resells—to third parties—raw product acquired by  CannaVest Corp. pursuant to the company's supply international relationships. CannaVest seeks to take advantage of an emerging worldwide trend to re-energize the production of industrial hemp and to foster its many uses for consumers. Cannabinoids (cannabidiol/CBD) are natural constituents of the hemp plant, and CBD is derived from hemp stalk and seed. Additional information is available from or by visiting

About PhytoSphere Systems

PhytoSphere Systems is a global phytocannabinoid biotechnology company based in San Diego, California and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CannaVest Corp. (OTC: CANV). The company utilizes advanced cultivation methods and state-of-the-art processing technology leading to development of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food products.

PhytoSphere Systems, the manufacturer of the CBD-rich hemp oil used in Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), has developed special cultivars (similar to "strains") that produce hemp that is especially rich in CBD, making it possible for PhytoSPHERE to offer all-natural products with high concentrations of hemp-based CBD. For more information, visit:


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