NEW YORK (TheStreet)-- TheStreet (TST), the publisher of this Web site, and Zillow (Z - Get Report) are partnering for Zillow's fourth-quarter earnings call, to increase transparency and allow more investors to connect directly with Zillow's management team.

Zillow will be fielding questions with the hashtag #ZEarnings on the company's conference call. Following the call, Zillow CEO @SpencerRascoff will go to Twitter for a Q&A chat to answer additional questions, which will be moderated by TheStreet, using the #ZEarnings hashtag.

TheStreet's Twitter Q&A chat with Zillow will start at around 6PM EST.

In addition, TheStreet's Technology Editor Chris Ciaccia will conduct a satellite video interview with Spencer to discuss the results.

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.