VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Nasdaq:COA) (TSX:COA), the leading global manufacturer and digital retailer of high-quality glasses and contact lenses, has launched a new approach to its revolutionary home trial program that makes it easier for consumers to try and buy eyewear online.

The "Try Before You Buy" program is similar to the traditional eyewear trial program launched by five years ago. However, now customers will receive their choice of glasses for a thirty day trial period with their prescription lenses included.

"Our original Home Try-On program included four frames to try but, without prescription lenses, it was difficult to make a decision and have a full, authentic experience," said Roger Hardy, founder and CEO of "Customers told us they disliked the hassle of returning to the post office to mail the trial packs back to us, then wait for the completed glasses to arrive. We decided there must be a better way, and we think we've found it!"

The decision to offer this trial program stems from's commitment to providing high-quality, affordable and fashionable eyewear to its customers around the globe. This trial program is the first of its kind in the optical industry and allows customers to try on several pairs of glasses in their prescription completely free. Customers can order and try out their glasses with no cost for thirty days and keep only the eyeglasses they love!

"We are always looking for ways to make buying eyewear easier and more affordable," continued Hardy. "The only way customers can truly get the feel for eyeglasses bought online is to include their own custom prescription lenses in the trial. We invented the trial pack and have now reinvented it, taking the experience to a whole new level for our customers."

The launch of the "Try Before You Buy" program closely follows's recent launch of the "Pay Your Way" plan, where customers are able to pay for their purchase over several months. Customers have the option to select three, six or twelve-month payment options for prescription eyewear orders over $99 with no interest, continuing the Company's tradition of making eyewear affordable and easy.

About is the leading manufacturer and online retailer of eyewear products offered through a family of world class websites. Established in 2000, the family of brands offers an extensive, in stock selection of prescription eyewear, contact lenses and sunglasses.'s vision is to make the process simple, either on-line or at one of our retail showrooms, so our customers can see everything life has to offer. For more information about (Nasdaq:COA), please visit

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