Cabot Launches Two New PROPEL™ Carbon Black Products For Tire Applications

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) announced the launch of two new carbon black products for tire tread applications. PROPEL™ E7 carbon black is engineered to reduce tire rolling resistance and improve vehicle fuel economy. PROPEL™ D11 carbon black is designed to provide a high level of tread durability and is well suited for use in both short-haul truck and off-the-road vehicle tires. Cabot will showcase these new products at Tire Technology Expo 2014, February 11-13, 2014, in Cologne, Germany.

Commercial vehicle operators recognize that tire performance is a driver of total operating cost, and they increasingly demand tires that are optimized for use in specific applications. For example, operators of short-haul trucks or off-the-road vehicles require high durability tires to eliminate in-field failures and maximize uptime. Alternatively, long-haul truck operators, working to minimize fuel costs, require lower rolling resistance tires that maximize fuel efficiency.

In addition to these market needs, many countries are implementing programs to promote the use of transportation technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These new programs create a need for more durable, fuel efficient tires. Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay® program and the European Union Energy labels for tires seek to educate consumers about the impact of tire performance on fuel economy. Furthermore, in some large markets, regulations now dictate minimum levels of truck tire performance. For instance, the state of California requires long-haul trucks to use low rolling resistance tires, and the European Union tire labeling legislation establishes minimum performance thresholds for rolling resistance on all truck tires.

Performance conscious tire buyers and new government regulations are moving tire manufacturers to produce diverse and high performance product offerings. Cabot is delivering new reinforcing materials to help tire manufacturers meet these current and future market demands.

Cabot reinforcing materials deliver increased performance for specific tire market needs

Cabot’s new products provide tire manufacturers the materials to design tires with lower rolling resistance and higher durability.
  • Fuel Efficiency PROPEL E7 carbon black is designed to enable tires with lower rolling resistance without sacrificing tire durability. Cabot laboratory tests of PROPEL E7 carbon black demonstrate that PROPEL E7 carbon black reduces the hysteresis (energy loss) of typical tire tread compounds by 15 percent when compared to the same laboratory tests of Cabot VULCAN® 7H carbon black, enabling reductions in tire rolling resistance. Primary applications for this product are on-highway, long-haul truck tire treads and retreads.
  • Higher Durability – PROPEL D11 carbon black is engineered to provide a high level of rubber reinforcement. This enables tire treads that resist cutting, tearing and abrasion, and extend the useful life of a tire. Cabot laboratory tests of PROPEL D11 carbon black demonstrate a 10 percent improvement in laboratory abrasion resistance in natural rubber compounds when compared to the same laboratory tests of Cabot VULCAN® 10H carbon black. Primary applications for this product are short-haul truck and off-the-road vehicles tire treads. It also can be used in passenger car and light truck tire treads that require maximum durability.

“We recognize that tire manufacturers need new reinforcing materials that enable them to develop differentiated and high performance product offerings,” said John Reese, vice president, global marketing with Cabot Reinforcement Materials. “Our deep understanding of our customers’ needs, their industries and the global trends that impact their businesses, enables us to create and deliver differentiating solutions. With these new carbon black products we can help tire manufacturers significantly improve tire performance through enhanced durability and reduced rolling resistance.”

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