Rav Dhillon Talks Colored Diamond Sourcing, Investing and Jewelry

Rav Dhillon Talks Colored Diamond Sourcing, Investing and Jewelry

As natural fancy colored diamonds continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are wondering how they can get their hands on one.

Dhillon Prestige, a newly established company that describes itself as a modern-day jeweler specializing in rare gems and bespoke jewelry, is one solution. To find out what the company is all about, Diamond Investing News (DIN) got in touch with founder Rav Dhillon.

In the interview below, Dhillon discusses what Dhillon Prestige offers, where the company sources its diamonds and what color of diamond is currently the most popular.

DIN: I understand you established Dhillon Prestige in London just last year. Can you tell me briefly what the company is all about and what prompted you to set it up? What's your background in the diamond industry?

RD: I initially started out in the market about five years ago, having been trading for quite some time in various commodities. I found a job at a company that dealt with fancy diamonds as an investment, and I quickly established myself as the face of the company. I dealt with presentations, meeting various clients, traveling and really started to excel.

As my influence began to grow, I began to realize my comfort within the market; it became evident to me that this industry was one that I could potentially step into as an entity, and after sourcing rare gems for various clients I decided to set up Dhillon Prestige.

The approach of the company is to offer a bespoke jewelry service centered on rare gems, including fancy diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, whilst offering traditional services like bespoke engagement rings. The company is accessible to all types of individuals and requirements.