Horribly Unfair Treatment of Apple Continues

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- With apologies to the Board (thanks for the love, guys!), I must take exception to an article Anton Wahlman wrote, TheStreet published, and, thanks to its placement on the (excellent) Yahoo! (YHOO) homepage, has gone something slightly short of viral.

At least that's what I saw on my personalized Yahoo! homepage, which, by the way, has steadily improved to the point of awesome utility on Marissa Mayer's watch.

I saw The Google Laptop That Beat Apple And Microsoft article. I read it. And the first thing I thought was Hasn't the multi-talented and ultra-prolific Anton Wahlman learned from the ...

$279 Apple-Killing Laptop fail?

I'm just plain tired of these lame comparisons. They're misleading and unfair, particularly because they ignore company-specific circumstances and, in some cases, stated goals.

Let's get something straight ... on smartphones, tablets and laptops, nobody -- nobody -- is beating Apple (AAPL). Not Google (GOOG). Not Acer. Not ASUS. Not Lenovo. And certainly not Hewlett-Packard (HPQ).

The premise that a compete-on-price laptop, marginally good for nothing other than the most basic computing tasks beats Apple (or Microsoft (MSFT) for that matter) is inherently flawed. You can make it sound like an attractive proposition, but it doesn't hold up to even the slightest scrutiny or inclusion of basic context.

First, it's absurd to argue, as Wahlman did, that Google "beats" Apple because it's the "volume king."

For the record, using the Amazon.com (AMZN) leaderboard as evidence is a scientifically bankrupt approach -- or at least terribly difficult to rely on with any confidence whatsoever.

There are these places called Apple Stores. And, while one of them might have a known body odor issue, they're still wonderful places to visit and shop in. So much so that quite a few people would never think of purchasing a Macbook via Amazon. And, if you're not stepping into an Apple Store, there's a good chance you're customizing your machine at Apple's Website. As it turns out, it's probably a testament to Apple that Macbooks show up as top sellers on Amazon at all. 

But, that aside, to say Google "beats" Apple because it sells more laptops (suspending disbelief for the sake of argument and assuming it actually does) takes us back to the same old, tired issue I hate to have to keep reiterating.

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