DXCM: Improving the Quality of Life for Children With Diabetes

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As the daughter of an insulin-dependent mother who receives 24-hour treatment via catheter insulin pump therapy, diabetes management and technology is a topic I follow closely and celebrate the small victories along the way. Sometimes it is a nice change to examine a company from a different perspective and take the financial analysis out of the stock and look at the goals and milestones achieved. A major FDA approval for Dexcom's (DXCM) continuous glucose monitor (CGM) device for children with diabetes was announced a couple of days ago, and this is one such event that will revolutionize the industry and improve the quality of life affecting so many families dealing with diabetes, often referred to as the "silent disease". For full disclosure, I do not own a single share of DXCM or any other stock, for that matter, because of my editorial role at TheStreet, my securities licenses and the restrictions around that, but this is a great story to be aware of.

Here is an excerpt from the DXCM press release:

"Dexcom, Inc., (NASDAQ:DXCM), the leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), announced today that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its CGM device: Dexcom G4® PLATINUM (Pediatric) for use in children ages 2 to 17 years with diabetes. Already approved for adults 18 and older, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM (Pediatric) is now the only CGM system approved for children as young as two years old.

Continuous glucose monitoring is considered the most significant breakthrough in diabetes management in the past 40 years.1 The traditional standard-of-care for blood glucose measurement has been a blood glucose meter. CGM is important because it can help educate kids on how to best learn to manage their diabetes into adulthood.

The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM tracks glucose levels continuously for 7 days throughout the 24-hour period using wireless technology, enabling users to view their glucose levels on demand. The system allows persons with diabetes to program personalized information, such as glucose targets and alerts, and it has an alarm feature to alert the user if glucose levels rise or fall to dangerous levels. This is important as uncontrolled glucose can cause health complications and even death.4 The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM is the only CGM that comes with a built-in alarm that notifies users when glucose levels fall to critically low levels for an additional level of awareness no other CGM brand offers."

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