Wall Street Must Demand Answers From Pandora ... Now

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Snappy headline. But it's not what you think. I haven't turned into a Pandora (P) basher. Quite the contrary in fact.

Tossing "objectivity" (whatever the heck that means these days) out the window, I love this company. I love data. And I love music. That's why I'm pushing Pandora.

I've been out in front on this company since it went public. And I'm sure as Charles not going to sit back and declare victory, particularly at a time when Pandora risks laying an egg on what probably is the biggest opportunity it has ever laid its eyes on. 

So Pandora, here's the ball. Channel your inner Wade Boggs.

Pandora reports earnings Wednesday. Rumor has it the numbers might be good. Fantastic. I'm thrilled for Pandora.

But I don't care what happened last quarter. Means very little to me right now. It meant quite a bit to me when $P was Wall Street's most hated stock in the teens and single digits. When I was laying out the bull case, point by point, in 2012 and 2013. That's useful stuff. Not Wall Street cats raising their price targets from $35 to $42 or whatever on the eve of an earnings report for a company whose stock is priced pretty much to perfection.

Wall Street proves itself completely useless on stocks such as $P.

However, on the Pandora earnings call that will follow the company's earnings report, an analyst could help unearth meaningful information for investors. So, please, somebody who plans to be on the call ... do me a solid ...

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