Emerging Markets Could Still Derail Recovery

NEW YORK (The Street) -- Turmoil in emerging markets could blow the economic recovery off course, fund managers warned, as nations from Turkey to Argentina face serious threats to sustainable growth. Yet others predicted the worst impact will be felt this year, with China the key to underpinning stability across emerging nations.

Emerging market woes have shaken global equities in 2014, contributing to a near 5% fall in the S&P 500. Several point to last May as the first hint of problems, when the suggestion that Federal Reserve stimulus could be wound back shook emerging markets. Strong Chinese growth and global stimulus packages had fueled growth in many of these nations since 2009, with around $4 trillion of private capital invested in emerging economies in search of higher returns after the U.S. credit crisis. This capital is now leaving emerging markets as stimulus is wound back, exposing large current account deficits and unsustainable growth.

Strategists said the diversity of problems faced by several emerging nations means there will be no quick fix.

Matthew Beesley, head of global equities for Henderson Global Investors, said there is no homogenous problem with the asset class, but a series of countries being exposed by the withdrawal of capital and its return to the U.S. "It will be an extended long-run issue that is going nowhere," the London-based portfolio manager told TheStreet.

Beesley noted the lack of homogeneity among emerging markets, with Indonesian equities gaining this year as many other markets have tanked.

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