Which Apple Suppliers are the Most Vulnerable?

What's bad for Apple is bad for Apple Suppliers. Should a falling share price concern investors in Apple's suppliers?

Disappointing guidance from Apple (AAPL) was enough of a reason for investors to sell and pull its shares below $500. Worse still was the damage done to shares of Apple suppliers Cirrus Logic (CRUS) and InvenSense (INVN). These companies also dropped sharply after they reported quarterly results. Are things really that bad for Apple’s suppliers?

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Cirrus Logic started the selloff by guiding fourth quarter revenue lower. The consensus revenue estimate from analysts was $173.8 million, but Cirrus Logic expects revenue to be as low as $130 million. In its recently reported Q3, sales from its audio product segment dropped by nearly one-third to $206.4M. 

InvenSense reported Q3 earnings of $0.15 per share on revenue of $66.7M. Both figures missed consensus. GAAP earnings were $0.00 per share (the company actually lost $0.2 million). The company did add cash during the quarter: cash and cash equivalents rose to $266.3M, compared to $200.3M last year.

Two noteworthy figures in the statement of income are on the expense lines. Costs (SG&A and R&D) rose for both:

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.05.24 PM

Higher R&D activity means the company is adding innovation for its products, which is good news for investors.
In addition, cash flows from operating activities indicates higher inventories. Cash flows rose to $29.6M, compared to $6.56M last year.


Risks for Cirrus Logic will rise if Apple’s growth slows in the next few years. More than 80% of revenue may come from Apple alone. Conversely, investors might look instead at companies less reliant on Apple. This includes Broadcom (BRCM), Qualcomm (QCOM), Synaptics (SYNA), and Skyworks (SWKS).

Do you think Apple's forward guidance could spell trouble for its suppliers?  Use the list below to begin your analysis and let us know what you think in the comments. 

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