Some of that work is technical. Some is also contractual, which is why publisher Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media, an expert on open source, was asked to speak. Much of the work involves lower-cost chips, so AMD (AMD) spoke, as well as lower-power chips, so ARM Holdings (ARMH) spoke.

Zuckerberg's own goals go beyond Open Compute. He's working to reduce the total cost of using Internet resources, including hardware, software and networking costs. He wants to extend Internet standards into cars, medical devices and consumer products. And he has formed a larger group called to direct the work

As the work is done, Facebook itself will be changed, from a company primarily focused on users, traffic and advertising revenue, to one focused on helping to build infrastructure and bring the rest of the industry to a frontier only a few companies currently see.

Zuckerberg is in a hurry. He turns 30 in May. He's not getting any younger.


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