New Citrix XenDesktop Harnesses The Flexibility Of The Cloud For Desktop Virtualization

Citrix today announced a new release of the Citrix XenDesktop® product, the market-leading desktop virtualization solution. XenDesktop brings hybrid cloud provisioning to enterprise desktop virtualization deployments, allowing customers to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or any Citrix CloudPlatform™ powered by Apache CloudStack® cloud to flex, grow or transform their virtual desktop infrastructure. By leveraging the elasticity and economics of the world’s largest clouds, customers can add new capacity for seasonal or unplanned needs without incurring capital expenditures, giving them the flexibility and resources for the mobile enterprise. XenDesktop is built on the same FlexCast Management Architecture as Citrix XenApp® (also announced today), which provides a single console from which customers can deliver both virtual apps and desktops. XenDesktop is helping to drive the Citrix vision of the mobile workspace to securely deliver apps, desktops, files and services seamlessly to any user, on any device, over any network. Along with new release of XenDesktop, Citrix announced two new Citrix Ready® programs addressing hybrid cloud and low-cost initiatives.

The new mobile world is changing where, when and how people work, and it is forcing IT to find new ways of supporting the mobile enterprise. The ability to leverage public cloud resources to support rapidly changing business needs, such as scaling for seasonal workers and M&A or optimizing their datacenter operations while carefully managing capex, is becoming increasingly attractive and necessary. Together, XenApp and XenDesktop provide the only unified architecture for delivering virtual apps via XenApp and adding a variety of virtual desktop delivery models with XenDesktop, increasing IT flexibility and saving infrastructure and costs.

XenDesktop 7.5 can provision application or desktop workloads to a private or public cloud infrastructure alongside traditional virtual infrastructure deployments. Unlike competitors that force customers to use completely different solutions for on-premise and cloud, XenDesktop 7.5 uses the same management consoles and skillsets, with no new configuration consoles or training needed. Also unlike competing solutions, XenDesktop supports an “any cloud” strategy that does not lock customers into a proprietary cloud with limited geographical distribution, but instead allows them to leverage any of the large public clouds on the market. Initially, hybrid cloud provisioning will be supported for AWS or any CloudPlatform-powered public or private cloud. Over time, new support will be added including the previously announced support for Windows Azure cloud platform. With one installer and about one-third of the steps of competing products, XenApp and XenDesktop have the easiest deployment processes in the market, and are the only solutions with built-in monitoring and automated provisioning.

New Citrix Ready Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud for XenDesktop

With the announcement of XenDesktop 7.5, Citrix is also creating a new Citrix Ready program that provides Citrix validation of infrastructure-as-a-service for XenDesktop 7.5. The Citrix Ready IaaS Cloud for XenDesktop gives customers the confidence that XenDesktop will run on a particular cloud operator’s infrastructure. Cloud providers that are a part of this program will be required to pass a test suite verifying the feature correctness of XenDesktop operating in their environment. The global program gives Citrix customers the ability to flex their XenDesktop deployments beyond the walls of the datacenter, tapping public cloud providers to address fluctuating demand or to leverage regional or purpose-built clouds as a means of addressing regulatory and compliance needs.

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