Cold cereal? Son, this isn't the croquet championships or the Ivy League squash finals. This is professional football, and only hot cereal that scorches your digestive system is good enough for a league playing its first cold-weather Super Bowl.

At least that's what the NFL's official hot cereal sponsorship with Quaker would have you believe. General Mills, meanwhile, thinks its Cheerios have as much of a place at the table as any hot-water-drenched oats. It's pouring $4 million to $8 million into a commercial early in the game.

That spot has been put together by the same creative team at Saatchi & Saatchi that came up with the "Just Checking" ad Cheerios ran in early 2013. That ad is only notable for the abjectly racist responses it got in its comments field from those opposed to its depiction of an interracial couple and their child. While we'd love to tell you that such an incident likely wouldn't occur again, this ad will be airing during a game featuring a cornerback who received similarly racist responses to his assertion he was better than the opposing wide receiver he was covering.

It's hard to come up with something patently offensive to say about little milk-drenched grain circles, but the past year has provided adequate proof that a certain slack-jawed, mouth-breathing contingent will throw slurs at just about anything if so inclined. Quaker is content to stay out of it

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