Why Apple Is Ignoring Google's Tactics

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When's the last time you engaged in a Google (GOOG) service with genuine joy? You may have shrugged and opined, hey, it's free, try it out. Eventually, however, there are problems.

For example: published concerns about the Chrome browser privacy protections. I've read about a movement to reduce dependency on Google mail. Plus, social problems are cropping up with Google Glass. One woman was arrested for driving while wearing Google Glass (found not guilty) and another fellow was yanked out of movie theater for wearing them during the show because it was suspected he was recording the movie.

This is not happening with Apple (AAPL) products because Apple thinks deeply about the effect a product has on a person's life. The goal is to make the customer's life better and provide the tools to do something important, not just look like a geek.

Google's Strategy

Google's strategy is to do everything. The company likes to generate new revenue sources, and so any scattergun project that looks like it will serve Google ad machine gets a green light. Many projects thrown against the wall don't work and get cancelled. See, for example, The Google Graveyard.

Google's task, therefore, is to make analysts, the technical press and investors believe that that they are doing everything new under the sun and integrating it into an awesome ecosphere. Of course, as Mike Moran points out at Biznology, this strategy can also serve to throw competitors like Apple off balance.

If Google can use its enormous cash reserves to cause Apple to lose focus and get into a gadget game, Google wins. Unfortunately, those who don't understand Apple's legacy are buying this Google strategy hook, line and sinker. It's to the point where those who haven't thought very much about this Google strategy are actually thinking that Google can seize the technology upper hand and put Apple out of business. It's sad to see that kind of inattentive journalism.

A little bit of reflection suggests that Apple is working with human values, emotions and aspirations --  elements of human life that will endure forever. Apple itself values not just security but also a sense of human dignity and privacy. These values are reflected in the rules for apps in the iTunes App Store that, in substance, exist nowhere else.

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