Jim Cramer: Dogs Having Their Day

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- We've got some real worst-to-first games going on here.

I have flagged the Alcoa (AA) renaissance endlessly now, adding the chart work of Ed Ponsi to the mix. The stock can truly go much higher and has no real resistance to it.

Bank of America (BAC) has hung in as one of the best performers, and I think that's going to be the case for some time.

But now I am seeing the real dogs starting to do better. Have you looked at Nordic American Tankers (NAT)? The day rates are up on average about 5 times what they were last year at this time, and this stock is starting to reflect those gains. I always fear more equity deals, which is why I have pronounced this one only a trade. But holy cow, is this thing ramping.

Take a look at Baker Hughes (BHI). This oil service company had the lowest expectations going into the quarter, yet the company was positively giddy on the call, and now I see numbers going up for 2015 in the notes that have come out today. There's this moment on the call, by the way, where CEO Martin Craighead simply says, "I am excited," and then says when asked whether he is excited "about the growth potential," he answers, "I am very excited." No wonder the stock jumped huge.

If you are like me, you are tired of hearing about the disappointments from the voice recognition company Nuance (NUAN). The Siri partnership with Apple (AAPL) hasn't generated upside. Nor has the Icahn position. But this huge upside surprise is getting it going for sure.

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