Stifel analyst Stephen Willey issued a new bullish note on NewLink Genetics (NLNK - Get Report) this morning. I'm here to help interpret what it all means.

The headline on Willey's note reads: Still Quite Comfortable with Valuation Here - Increasing Target Price to $53

Translation: Newlink has exceeded my previous $31-per-share price target and my director of research told me that I have "to do something about it."

Willey: We are now modeling approximately $1B of peak IDO pathway inhibitor sales.

Translation: Wow! I found some new money under Newlink's couch cushions.

Willey: While acknowledging the lack of an indication-specific registrational development plan admittedly limits our ability to accurately assess the true market opportunity here, we're more than comfortable with the preclinical data generated to date...

Translation: I have absolutely no idea how to accurately forecast peak sales for a product with a teeny amount of clinical data but $1 billion is a nice round number and reads well on the Bloomberg terminal.

Willey: We still view success at the first IMPRESS interim analysis as a low-probability event but believe the growing enthusiasm around the IDO story should mitigate any associated downside.

Translation: All my hedge fund clients think dendritic cancer vaccines suck and Newlink's algenpantucel-L is no exception, so yeah, the phase III study will probably fail but buy the stock anyway because IDOs are the new checkpoint inhibitors!

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