Food for Thought in a Trip to the Grocery Store

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I admit that I actually like going to the grocery store; it's become a bit of a stress reliever over the years. Strange stress reliever, I know, but it is usually quite effective. Rather than waste time at my desk during lunchtime, one or two days day a week, I'll head out to one of our local stores to stock up on what we need, and often on things we don't need. It's truly been an eye opener over the years that this has become a lunch hour pastime.

For one, it's amazing to me how consumer products companies continually find ways to repackage their old products. Some of these are seemingly for "convenience" or to grab consumer's attention, but they almost always end up being less or equivalent product for a higher cost.

Just last week, I noticed Coca Cola's (KO) newest version of the six-pack. Now, how you might ask, can you get creative with a six-pack? Coca Cola has found a way. Put in in a colorful box, half the size of a 12-pack, and give it a cool name, in this case the "Sixer." That's right, it's a six-pack in a box, and sold for convenience; in this case to save consumer's fridge space. It certainly looks cool, but at 4 bucks in one store, and $2.99 in another, I'll pass. You can get a 12-pack for the same price.

This comes on the heels of another Coca Cola "innovation"; the 2011 introduction of the eight-pack of 7.5 ounce cans. These also look very cool, a miniature soda can, which is aimed at portion control for those counting calories, but at $2.99, for slightly less than the contents of a two liter bottle, it's expensive. But evidently, packaging sells products, and if you can't come up with any new products that will gain enough traction to become part of the permanent lineup, just repackage the old ones. It seems to be working in Mexico, where Coca-Cola is reported to offer its products in more than 30 different sizes.

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