Actavis Leads the Way

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Some financial people do not really look at all the good things drug companies do. Instead, they focus on the creative destruction that happens when new replaces the old.

Think of all the popular brand names of the last decade: Rogaine, Plavix, Cymbalta, Oxycontin, Celebrex. It's a long list of exclusive money-making home runs now generic also-rans starring with a different label at a pharmacy shelf near you.

While lots of analysts like to pay attention to the pipelines full of miracle drugs of tomorrow, some companies do quite well with the miracle drugs of yesterday -- the generics.

Let's look at one: Actavis (ACT).

The past 15 months have been a dog fight for supremacy among three sectors: pharmaceutical, biotech and Internet. At the start of the new year, pharmaceuticals emerged at the top of my leader board.

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One pharmaceutical that has performed and continues to perform quite well is Actavis. It has been a Gunderson Best Stock Now for quite some time and continues to be.

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Headquartered in New Jersey, ACT is a $31 billion large-cap company that develops, manufactures and distributes generic and branded drugs for hypertension, elevated cholesterol, contraception and pain. It is  currently working on a generic NuvaRing, a contraceptive.

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