Global Macro: Bulls Won't Give Up Rally

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Global equity markets rose on Tuesday, proving that bullish investors aren't giving up the rally without a fight.

On Tuesday, I wrote that global equities could begin a downtrend in the coming weeks because of weak economic data and slow earnings growth. The bearish thesis looks to be on hold for now as equity indexes pared losses from the day before on strong retail numbers.

Early Tuesday, news came out that core retail sales, which exclude auto sales, for December beat estimates. That showed that consumer demand remained strong through the last quarter of 2013. The continuation of this trend into 2014 could lead to U.S. gross domestic product growth of 3%-4% for the first quarter. That would be bullish for stocks and take off some of the pressure that last week's labor numbers had put on the economy.

Underlying technical factors also led to Tuesday's move higher. The iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN  (VXX) is still at dormant levels that indicate true equity market fear is almost nonexistent. The volatility indicator rose 9% during Monday's selloff and declined 8% the following day, meaning that any anxiety introduced into the markets is quickly extinguished.

The VIX should continue to trade at low levels for three reasons. The first is that the Federal Reserve remains committed to a short-term 0% interest rate, even as the economy improves. Although stimulus is slowing being removed, the Fed aims to replace it with transparent guidance of its future action.

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