Sorry, But This Guy is a Total Idiot on Apple

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- First, I must apologize for the name calling in the headline.

I know ... How can you apologize for something you could have very easily stopped yourself from doing after realizing it was an apology-worthy offense?

That's valid. But sometimes the story just requires strong language to do it justice. They didn't drop the f-bomb 522 times in "The Wolf of Wall Street" just for giggles.

I read a lot of stuff. Everyday. Hundreds of articles. Even some books. I spend a lot of time parsing through pretty horrendous stuff -- some (OK, much) of it my own -- to get to the good stuff. Or at least something I can use.

But the "Op/Ed," Mashable's Todd Wasserman wrote -- Google is Eating Apple's Lunch -- might be one of the most myopic, patently ignorant pieces of tech journalism I have ever come across in my life.

It's as obvious as it is misguided. And along with much of the rest of the world, it wants to dichotomize the Apple (AAPL)/Google (GOOG) situation because, of course, a black and white planet is so much easier to navigate.

Wasserman leads off by being the 602nd person to tell us that Nest "appear(ed) to be a natural fit for Apple." He recycles the intuitive, but weak reasons why before staking his entire claim that Google is eating Apple's lunch on side-by-side lists showing Google's M&A activity versus Apple's as well as the regurgitated take that Apple doesn't know how or isn't spending its cash properly by not spending enough of it.

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