ModusLink Moves Contact Center Support To The Cloud With New Global Platform

ModusLink Global Solutions™ Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK) today announced it has significantly upgraded its information technology infrastructure with a new cloud-based contact center solution. The 24x7 global platform will provide a single gateway for all inbound communication for more than 15 current client programs.

“Moving contact center support to the cloud allows us to vastly improve the amount of time it can take to implement programs for new clients and we can more quickly than ever scale up operations for existing clients who experience seasonal or launch-related spikes in call volume,” said Art Sebastiano, Chief Information Technology Officer, ModusLink. “A cloud-based platform where hardware is maintained in redundancy and independent of the physical call center location also safeguards business continuity, which is critical for our clients and helps ensure exceptional levels of customer support.”

ModusLink will maintain its existing contact centers across the globe in North America, Europe and Asia and these locations will now be centralized on a common cloud-based system that automatically determines the best available agent to handle an incoming inquiry based on language, queue time, and the customers preferred mode of contact—phone, chat or e-mail.

“A key consideration in this new deployment is the potential it offers our clients for remarkable cost savings,” said Sebastiano. “This is particularly true with many of our clients based in Europe, where with a traditional customer support system, the client owns and manages the costs associated with its incoming support phone numbers. That expenditure can typically represent as much as 20 to 30 percent of their annual telecom budget.”

In addition to offering 24-hour support, the industry-leading cloud solution provides clients with improved quality control through 100 percent real-time monitoring and allows for more data-driven operations, instantly enhancing operational efficiency.

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