Compuware Workbench Bridges Tech Silos And Developer Experience Levels To Accelerate Application Delivery

DETROIT, Jan. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --   Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR), the technology performance company, today announced new innovations to the Compuware Workbench, a modern, intuitive Eclipse-based mainframe development environment. First released in 2010, the Workbench has quickly evolved into a dynamic solution that's made application development, testing and tuning faster and more efficient for both new and experienced developers across the globe. Updated offerings include significantly more robust data search and editing capabilities, additional debugging support and a code coverage reporting feature. The Workbench has also been more tightly integrated with Compuware APM for Mainframe and the company's other Developer Productivity solutions, dramatically improving the way teams collaborate when resolving application exceptions and performance problems.

"We find the Compuware Workbench attractive for several reasons," said Emmanuel Goussard, Project Leader for Modernized Mainframe Development Tooling for NATIXIS, a global corporate and investment bank headquartered in Paris. "For our development community it provides a way to standardize our development environment across different platforms and languages. It's very feature-rich and makes complex operations much easier to perform due to its intuitive, graphical interface. From an operations perspective, it's easy to install and deploy. And since it's an open platform, we can add Eclipse plug-ins from other vendors as well. All in all, we find the Workbench to be a robust mainframe development environment."

Developers at all experience levels will benefit from the following enhancements to the Workbench:

-- More powerful search and edit capabilities. Compuware has strengthened the Workbench with extensive File-AID search and edit capabilities, significantly reducing the time developers spend finding and editing data.
  • File-AID Search. Users can now perform sophisticated data queries and searches across multiple files using selection criteria.
  • File-AID Data Editor. New functionality includes:
  • Enhanced "find and replace" within an edit session, with complex Boolean search criteria and multiple field format support.
  • Segmented record support, providing formatted segment edit capabilities, including insertion of new segments.
  • Occurs Depending On (ODO) support, also providing formatted segment edit capabilities.
  • 3-line vertical hex that simplifies editing with hex aware cursor advancement.
  • z/OS Unix File Support. File-AID Data Editor now supports browse and edit of files on z/OS UNIX.

-- Time-saving Copybook support. TheSlickEdit source code editor, which brings intelligent source code editing to the Workbench, now includes support for mainframe based copybook libraries. This addition gives developers and technicians the ability to better leverage the predictive variable name type-ahead feature by specifying mainframe copybook libraries to be referenced for variable field definitions during an editing session.

-- More flexibility when debugging programs. Xpediter/Eclipse now includes cross-LPAR support, which removes the requirement for Xpediter/Eclipse workstation to be directly connected to the LPAR where the program being tested is executing.

-- Code Coverage. The sophisticated code coverage reporting capabilities of Xpediter Code Coverage have now been implemented in a new perspective in the Workbench. The graphical interface of the Workbench enables even non-technical users to create reports detailing testing efficiency and risk metrics for COBOL, PL/I, and High Level Assembler programs.

The Workbench's deeper integration with Compuware APM for Mainframe and other Developer Productivity solution components helps IT break down the barriers between development, QA and operations teams. New capabilities enable the automated capture of detailed information about application problems so development can more quickly re-create the issue, debug the code and ultimately fix the problem. For a more detailed description of this industry-first functionality, read the detailed announcement.

"IT teams face a number of external and internal pressures to deliver quality multi-platform applications under budget and ahead of schedule. That's a tall order, given today's complex and dynamic IT environment," said Kris Manery, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Compuware Mainframe Solutions. "By further innovating the Compuware Workbench and integrating it with our application performance management solution and our other Developer Productivity solution components, we are taking developer productivity to the next level, enabling more team-to-team collaboration and higher levels of developer proficiency to meet business and end-user demands."

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