QlikView Helps Pave The Way To Omni-Channel Retail Approach

National Retail Federation Retail’s Big Show – QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced at NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO that leading retailers are turning to QlikView to enable the customer insight and excellence in supply chain required to ensure a seamless consumer experience across all available shopping channels, also known as an omni-channel retail approach.

To remain competitive in today’s retail landscape organizations must look for new ways to engage customers and optimize their supply chain across all channels, including mobile, online and in-store. According to analyst Greg Girard of IDC, “omni-channel analytics can enable a retailer to push the frontier of business opportunities with more agile and responsive strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.” Girard explains, “there are two overarching forces driving requirements for better omni-channel analytical insight: the reach for relationship, relevance and reciprocity for customer intimacy and the search for scale, speed and scope for supply chain mastery.”

The QlikView Business Discovery platform makes it easy for retailers to consolidate data from a myriad of sources and generate one streamlined view of their entire organization. The easy-to-use platform puts BI back into the hands of the users allowing them to drill-down into data to uncover key insights needed to adapt to changing customer demands and external factors that could impact product shipping and delivery.

“Whether it is a CMO looking for ways to better target customers or a logistics manager looking to streamline inventory and product shipping, QlikView supports the way human curiosity naturally searches, filters, questions, and finds associations in data to find meaning in information,” said Scott Jennings, Director of Market Development, Retail & Services, QlikTech. “For many customers this can mean anything from increased sales revenue and more efficient inventory management to lower operational and shipping costs.”

MAPCO Express Improves Customer Experience with Behavior AnalysisIn an effort to improve customer engagement, MAPCO Express, one of the largest company-operated convenience store chains in the United States, turned to QlikView Business Discovery to track and understand customer behaviors on a granular level. The MAPCO Loyalty Application gives users deep visibility into customer patterns so they can correlate buying behaviors with various customer characteristics or track purchasing patterns to uncover ways to better serve customers.

“Understanding buying behavior allows us to see where we need to market and find a way to bring customers into stores. We can look at customers who bought competing products, for example, and target them with a coupon online for one of our private label products,” said Wade Sims, Senior Developer for BI at MAPCO. “This allows us to provide our customers a better value and overall experience while improving our store performance.”

Haworth Optimizes Supply Chain and Improves Product Delivery Haworth, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of furniture, operates in more than 126 countries with sales offices and showrooms worldwide. In order to maintain and grow its thriving customer base, the retailer needed to ensure customer satisfaction at every step in the supply chain. To do this, they had to consolidate massive amounts of data existing on desperate systems into a single source of accurate information that enables employees to quickly identify delivery issues and resolve them.

“These new capabilities for integrating, visualizing and using enterprise data with QlikView have helped us redefine the metrics our business runs on,” said Bruce Overway, Sr. Business Process Analyst at Haworth. “QlikView has given us visibility at all levels of the organization and has reduced the time needed to discover product delivery discrepancies from two days to just two hours. Since the implementation of QlikView we have reported a significant return on its investment, with more than a one million dollar net positive impact on our business.”

To learn more about retail solutions from QlikView please visit us at Booth 442 onsite at NRF. More information can also be found here: http://go.qlikview.com/QlikRetail.html.

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