Minneapolis ad agency Campbell Mithun (NYSE:IPG) will hire its summer Lucky 13 interns by asking for ideas to market the Hyperloop, a futuristic transportation concept unveiled by Elon Musk in August 2013. The agency’s “Market the Hyperloop” application challenges job seekers to showcase their skills by generating a communications idea to help bring the Hyperloop to life -- and adds the voice of the communications industry to the open-source project.

“When he introduced the Hyperloop, Musk called upon ‘all members of the community to contribute’ to development of the concept,” said Debbie Fischer, director of human resources at Campbell Mithun. “We, too, like to solve problems with an open architecture work process. What a great real-world scenario for advertising professionals of the future to tackle; we’re excited to see their ideas.”

Applicants must develop an idea to Market the Hyperloop to an audience of their choice – engineers, investors, the business sector, consumers (future riders) or any other group – and submit it along with a “Why my ‘Market the Hyperloop’ idea will work” letter to pitch their concept. Campbell Mithun will review the submissions to select finalists for interviews.

“More and more, our agency teams tackle client business challenges with a mix of creativity and marketing science,” continued Fischer. “It’s no accident that this Hyperloop application process requires those skills.”

Musk proposed the Hyperloop to challenge conventional thinking about mass transportation and to encourage exploration of a way to travel at high subsonic speeds at costs lower than high speed rail. He posted a 57-page Alpha document outlining a proposed design and called for “iteration of the design by various individuals and groups” to “help bring Hyperloop from an idea to a reality.”

Campbell Mithun will share publicly the Market the Hyperloop ideas generated by the 5-8 interns it ultimately hires to fill its Lucky 13 Internship summer positions.

Details about the application can be found at www.cmithun.com/lucky13 and via #CMLucky13 on Twitter.

The application process

Campbell Mithun announced its “Market the Hyperloop” Lucky 13 Internship application process January 13 on www.cmithun.com/lucky13. Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM (CT) on February 13. Applicants must be a college student with a graduation date between fall 2013 and summer 2015.

In 2014, five to eight interns will be hired to fill openings across the following discipline areas: creative, account leadership, media strategy and media negotiations; applicants who believe they’re the perfect fit for a new kind of role may suggest a custom position.

To apply, applicants submit the following via online application:
  • URL address for the Market the Hyperloop recommendation (presented via blog, YouTube, SlideShare, Prezi, etc. – wherever it lives on the Internet)
  • A “Why my ‘Market the Hyperloop’ idea will work” short letter to pitch the idea
  • Resume

Finalists will be invited to the agency for in-person interviews or interviewed via Skype (for out-of-market applicants), and intern selections will be announced in mid-March 2014.

About Campbell Mithun’s Lucky 13 Internship

Some believe that 13 is an unlucky number. But as Ray Mithun, co-founder of Campbell Mithun once said, “If thirteen is unlucky for some people, it must be lucky for someone else.” The Lucky 13 internship program seeks those individuals who can be someone else -- those who have the courage to go against the grain and to believe in original ideas and creative solutions. The interns do real work for real clients, alongside real professionals, earning a real chance to start their careers as full-time members of the advertising community.

Since the Lucky 13 Internship launched in 2006, more than sixty young professionals have moved through the program. In recent years, Campbell Mithun has asked applicants to showcase their smarts via the application process itself, which has been based on real-world marketing scenarios including “Dear new owners of Twinkies” (2013) and a process asking applicants to “Apply via 13 Tweets” (2011/2012).

About Campbell Mithun (NYSE: IPG)

Since its founding in 1933, Campbell Mithun has established a brand-building reputation in the consumer packaged goods, retail, healthcare, financial services and telecommunications sectors and serves clients including General Mills, Land O’Lakes, Chipotle, Schwan’s, Popeyes, Toro and Wellmark. Its Compass Point Media unit, established in 1976, makes connections in all the right places with strategists and negotiators who maximize media impact and minimize costs for both media-only and shared Campbell Mithun clients.

Campbell Mithun has created client marketplace success for 81 years guided by Ray Mithun’s founding philosophy: create client success by making Everything Talk at each point of customer contact.

Websites: www.cmithun.com; www.cmithun.com/lucky13

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