5 Things Job-Seekers Want in 2014

By Val Matta

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (TheStreet) -- You probably know what you want out of a potential employee. Someone who has a great reputation. Someone who creates results. Someone who's in it for the long run. While these are all good qualities, have you stopped to think about what job-seekers want? Reports indicate that a great brand, responsiveness and reputation all factor into candidate perception. But, with the majority of job-seekers still pessimistic about the job market, are you a contributing factor to the job search blues?

It's no secret the job search is pretty brutal -- for candidates and employers. But a lot of the discontent job-seekers feel comes down to how they navigate through the job search process. Failing to understand their needs could take away great candidates.

Remember that you're in as much of a job interview as the job-seeker. With that in mind, take a peek at what job-seekers want in 2014:

Open communication

A recent survey indicated that 75% of workers who applied to jobs using various resources in the past year never heard back from the employer. Although you may be busy, failing to respond to candidates is not acceptable. Other than being bad practice, it's not good for your brand, either: 22% would tell others not to work there.

In 2014: Respond to every candidate. Give them a point of contact, as well. Even if this needs to be automated, keeping job-seekers informed on their status helps them plan their searches better while opening the lines of communication.

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