CES 2014: Cases, Cars and Connected Homes

LAS VEGAS (TheStreet) -- The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is an enormous event that tries to present all the devices that we, as consumers, would want. As technology becomes so ingrained in all of our daily habits, the show tends to cover just about every aspect of our lives. Here are the highlights from the 2014 show:

First there are cases, cases, and more case vendors. There are wooden cases, rubber cases, and cases to appeal to those seeking a natural look. Am I the only one that sees the irony of a recycled brown paper-looking case for an expensive piece of technology? There are yoga inspired cases and rugged manly cases. Seriously, everywhere you look at CES, there is a case vendor begging to clad your phone or tablet.

Apparently, we, as consumers, truly desire to take our smart phones deep sea diving. Waterproof products seem to be very popular. There are waterproof bags, screens and pouches. Most people I know that have dropped their phones in water were never thinking it was something to prepare for. However, maybe a pouch is necessary before you take your phone into the bathroom.

Cars and tech. This is becoming bigger every year. Many of the major car makers attended like Ford (F), Audi and Toyota (TM). The products at CES tended to focus on the ability to stay connected from home to car and beyond. Mercedes Benz showed that, from inside your home you could ask directions from your Google Glass, but when you get out to the car, the information you need transfers to your vehicle. The car also connects to Nest. So, if you are driving away and realize that you forgot to turn out the lights at home, you can talk to the car and tell it to turn them out. Mercedes Benz said it hasn't always been at CES, but will probably be coming every year now.

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