3. Breaking Bad mask
Sale price on eBay: $41,400

There's a good chance viewers are going to remember AMC's recently ended meth drama Breaking Bad for years to come. They'll remember Bryan Cranston's chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-maker-and-drug-kingpin Walter White and may even remember it as Cranston's dark turn away from his role as the dad on '90s sitcom Malcolm In The Middle.

What they'll have a harder time remembering are those few days or so when Cranston wore a rubber Walter White "Heisenberg" mask to the 2013 Comic-Con and on the talk show circuit while promoting his show's final season. They won't care that co-star Aaron Paul made out with it, or that Jimmy Fallon wore it during an interview.

That's why, if you're the maker or owner of that mask, you have to sell that little collectible immediately. We can't give the folks behind this eBay auction enough credit for realizing that some entertainment industry memorabilia will never be as valuable as it is when the show or movie it is from has reached its peak popularity.

Maybe Walter White's hat will find its way into the Smithsonian alongside Fonzie's jacket from Happy Days or Jerry's puffy shirt from Seinfeld. This mask's minutes of fame ticked away with each news cycle leading up to the Breaking Bad finale. We're not saying it doesn't have value, but it may be hard to top that $41,400 price for a while.

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