9. 1897 Hickory Bicycle
Sale price on eBay: $16,600

We've said it before: Sports memorabilia and historic sporting goods really sell. That said, it takes a keen eye and a deep knowledge of the items being collected to separate the average autographed photo from an important artifact.

When Maxwell Tonk set out to build this bicycle in 1897, he decided to do by using steam to bend pieces of hickory into shape. He then laminated the whole frame and patented the process. It's still a novel means of building a bicycle, and there aren't a whole lot of other bikes in existence that can claim the same heritage.

Maybe riding on a frame with all of the best traits of a nice, sturdy dining room table has lost its appeal over the years, but it's tough to argue with the results. Hands up if your forged-metal childhood bicycle has held up nearly as well over far fewer years. No? That's why it's not worth nearly $17,000.

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