Tableau Software

Mid-cap analytics software maker Tableau Software (DATA) has had a good run since shares went public back in the summer, and the stock is up more than 40% since then. That likely has a lot to do with the fact that venture capital funds have decided to hold onto this stock into 2014. At last count, VCs own more than 3.25 million shares, worth $231 million.

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Tableau is in the business of helping its customers visualize their data in new ways. By introducing drag-and-drop simplicity to complex datasets, Tableau's solution lets users analyze information without the need for technical expertise. In a nutshell, DATA is the right stock at the right time; with buzzwords like "big data" popping up at every turn, companies generate and sift through more information than ever before. In order to monetize their reams of information, the numbers need to be crunched, and that puts a premium price tag on Tableau's offerings.

Approximately 70% of revenues come from software licenses at the moment, with the balance earned through services. Those sales numbers have been growing at a breakneck pace for the last five years, and profitability has been quicker than expected (even if margins remain slim). DATA isn't cheap, but the premium on shares looks justified right now.

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