Howard Schultz Sent This Memo to Starbucks' Store Managers Last Night

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If you learn anything in this business of the stock market and the broad tech space, you know to read the words the great ones write.

That's a primary theme in Jim Cramer's new CEO-focused book -- Get Rich Carefully -- currently the number one investing tome on (AMZN).

I know Cramer loves Starbucks (SBUX) CEO Howard Schultz. I also know he absolutely is one of the greats so I figured I would pass on a memo I received just now that Schultz sent to Starbucks' store managers Monday night.

It's especially relevant during a time when SBUX appears to be becoming somewhat of a battleground stock. As it struggles to reclaim $80, I'm bullish, but others, such as TheStreet's Doug Kass are not.

In any event, see the Schultz memo on Page Two with what I consider the most important parts highlighted in bold, but, really, you ought to read the entire thing. It'll tip you off to some crucial points and trends regarding Starbucks' business, but also retail, tech and data in general.

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