LinkedIn Is Rolling Over: Dillian

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I have a LinkedIn (LNKD) profile. I haven't put much time into it. There's a lot of stuff (speaking gigs, teaching) that I haven't put on there. I get connection requests from people, I generally accept them, but I don't write status updates, I don't send people InMail, and my profile just sits there, waiting for people to stalk me.

Stalk me they do. Apparently mine was in the top 5% of all viewed profiles in 2012.  It's like being listed in the White Pages.

This is where I received the you just don't get it lecture from one of my readers, about how powerful a tool LinkedIn is. Yeah, I don't think so, not anywhere near Facebook (FB), which stores photos and videos and has its own Messenger and Graph Search and all that stuff. In LinkedIn you can endorse people's skills; more than 30 people have endorsed me for Equities and Hedge Funds, among other things. My skill list makes me look like I'm a character in the role-playing game Fallout. It's kind of silly.

LinkedIn is a silly stock and a silly company that, admittedly, in the beginning, made more investment sense than Facebook because it had a solid revenue model. But what people never considered was that the revenue model was nowhere near as scalable as Facebook's was. And that rate of growth plainly starts to slow down after most people in the business world have already signed up. If I'm going to bet who has more tricks up their sleeve at this point, it's Facebook.

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