Bitcoin Trading: Wall Street's Next Big Thing?

Updated from 10:01 a.m. ET to include Glocap comment.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) - If you couldn't cut it trading exotic derivatives or bundles of subprime mortgage loans, maybe you'll fare better in what could be Wall Street's next growth area: Bitcoin trading.

On Thursday evening, Wall Street search firm Glocap listed a position for a "Junior Bitcoin Execution Trader" at a San Francisco-based hedge fund. The posting, sent out in an 8:22 p.m. email to subscribers, said "Our client, a San Francisco based hedge fund is seeking a junior trader to assist with Bitcoin execution, general fund operations, and reporting."

By Friday morning, the listing had been amended to remove all references to Bitcoin. Anthony Keizner, a Glocap representative, said in an e-mail that the post was revised because "we felt on reflection that we'd be able to reach the right people and to assess candidate's interest genuine interest in trading and trading ops the way the posting was written."

The job listing didn't mention the name of the hedge fund that's hiring or its size. Dan Primack of Fortune reported on Thursday that Fortress Investment Group (FIG) and San Francisco-based Pantera Capital are starting their own Bitcoin funds.

TheStreet has a copy of the original email sent out by Glocap, which might be insightful for anyone looking to become the first Gordon Gekko or "Wolf" of Bitcoin trading on Wall Street.

First off, don't fret if you aren't already a master of the universe when it comes to trading Bitcoins.

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